Netvibes is a personalised dashboard publishing platform for the Web in the manner of iGoogle. Users can have access to lots of information at once using widgets which can display information including emails, Facebook updates, tweets, news, the weather etc. There is an API for creating Netvibes widgets (which will also run on iGoogle etc.)

Here are some of the widgets I’ve developed:

BBC News Headlines and BBC Sport Headlines

I wasn’t happy with the way the standard BBC News widget displayed the news – I just wanted something without tabs that would let me display the news in the same order that it is shown on the BBC website. So what these widgets do is take the BBC News and Sport RSS feeds and display a number of headlines and summaries (the number is configurable). Clicking the news item will open the relevant BBC page.

BBC News widget

USD<->GBP exchange rate widget

This is a small widget to show the current US dollar and British Pound exchange rates. It also allows you to enter a value in dollars which will be converted into pounds. I created this as one of my jobs pays me in US dollars so it’s useful to keep an eye on how much I can expect to be paid at the end of the month. The exchange rate is taken from The Money, who provide an RSS XML feed with the latest rates.

Exchange rate widget


This widget is an updated version of the one created by FaziBear. I added functionality to allow the div with the ‘overlay’ class at the top of the page to be hidden, which gives a little extra usable space. See my post on this widget for more information.