The Sam Smith’s Challenge

In 2006, Rich, Anna and I decided that we should attempt to have a drink in every Sam Smith’s pub in central London. Despite a few mistakes (like missing a few pubs out the first time round!) we eventually finished on 8th March 2008 after having a drink in the 32nd pub.

The original page won a runners-up prize in the 34SP Pub Mashup Competition. I decided to create a separate website just for the Sam Smith’s Challenge, which can be seen at That page is more up-to-date than this page, which has not been updated due to a lack of drinking time (the joys of parenthood!)

Sam Smith's logo
This is a map of all the Sam Smith's pubs in London. For more information about a pub, either click one of the markers on the map, or click the name of the pub in the list to the right.