I’ve recently started using the official WordPress for Android app, which is available for free on the Android Market. The app allows users to create new posts, moderate comments and update content all from an Android handset. The app is very good, but before using it I had to make a small change on my WordPress site.

Initially, when adding my account details into the app, I got the following error message on my phone, which reads as follows: ‘Connection Error: XMLRPC Fault: XML-RPC services are disabled on this site. An admin user can enable them at https://www.keanei.com/…/options-writing.php (code 405)’.

Connection Error popupLuckily, this error is easy to solve. Simply log into your WordPress dashboard, then from the ‘Settings’ menu choose ‘Writing’. Here, there will be an option to enable XML-RPC Remote Publishing, simply tick the box and save the settings.

Setting in WordPress dashboard that needs updating

Now you should be able to add your WordPress account to the app!

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