My Moto G finally received the Marshmallow update last week, and I was especially glad to receive this due to the limited storage space available on the Moto G (only 8GB). Marshmallow allows you to include the SD card as part of the internal storage, meaning there is now much more space available and I no longer have to clear the cache every time I want to update an app!

I chose to wipe my phone’s memory and start again and the performance improvement was noticeable. However, whilst setting up my home screen I noticed that the BBC Weather widgets were unavailable. There didn’t seem to be any obvious reason for this – all other widgets were unaffected. After much investigation I found the culprit – the BBC Weather app had been installed to the SD card rather than to the internal memory. It seems that despite treating the combined storage as one big disk it isn’t quite that easy – apps installed on the SD card are unable to show widgets. The solution is easy – simply move the app to internal storage.

The steps to do this are:

  • Go to Settings, then Apps
  • Choose the app in question and press Storage
  • At the top under “Storage used” will be a Change button – press this and it will move the app

After doing this my BBC Weather widget was available again!

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